Greeley Colorado is full of modern conveniences. A city with over 100,000 people needs to have things near them all the time. From great restaurants to family fun and recreation to services like banks and dentists Greeley is the obvious choice. There are many fun-filled adventures awaiting you here. Visit Greeley and find out what it is like to live!

Why Greeley is Convenient?

Greeley hosts over 15,000 local business at all with great views of the Rocky Mountains. Close to whitewater rafting and bowling there is an activity for everyone.  I spent an entire day sampling ice cream once and when I was finished I stopped by The University of Northern Colorado for a game of Field Hockey. Spending time in this great city in Northern Colorado, Greeley really is home to the American Dream. A place where dreamers can get together and plan the future.

Sanborn Park

The next day I headed to Sanborn Park on the west side of town. This Greeley park was complete with a beautiful sunset and lovely Geese flying about in the background. A really great place for a picnic and a wonderful Colorado grown wine.

Cottonwood Lake

After that we went to the local Sprouts supermarket and purchased some more ice cream and then headed to Cottonwood Lake. This lake has some beatiful old growth trees and a scenic and clear lake for the wildlife.