Dentures, Dental Implants and Modern Dentistry in Greeley CO

Dentures Greeley COProsthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in dental appliances, including tooth restoration options.

At Northern Colorado Dental Care, we offer procedures ranging from reconstruction, aesthetics, tooth replacement, and orthodontics. Individuals who experience tooth loss have various options when it comes to tooth restoration options. The most common of these replacement methods involves the use of dentures or a fixed dental bridge. When there are gaps in the mouth created by missing teeth, it is important for patients to have an appropriate dental appliance to help restore proper appearance and functioning for good oral health.

Reasons For Dentures

Tooth loss results in gaps that can affect both a person’s appearance and the proper functioning of the mouth, jaw and face. Tooth positioning affects the shape, fullness, and expressions visible on the face. Tooth loss may result in a sunken appearance to the face, especially in the lips and cheeks. Additionally, a loss of proper jaw function can make it difficult to chew or speak. The gaps left as a result of tooth loss also may cause remaining teeth to shift out of place toward the gaps, which can affect the bite and overall oral health. Improper bite can lead to uneven wearing of tooth surfaces, tooth cracking, chipping, or breaking, and the potential for other oral health problems that affect the jaw, such as temporomandibular joint disorder.

Dentures may be full or partial, depending on the severity of the tooth loss experienced by the patient. These devices are removable for ease in cleaning and proper care. Full denture appliances offer a pleasing aesthetic appearance and help our patients maintain proper chewing and speaking abilities.

Dental Bridges

A fixed dental bridge is an appliance that is securely attached to existing teeth for a more permanent tooth replacement option to fill in a smaller gap. The dental bridge consists of a replacement tooth that is attached to a crown on either side. After Dr. Brown properly prepares the teeth surrounding the gap, these crowns are securely attached for a more permanent solution to tooth loss. Fixed dental bridges also help maintain chewing and speaking integrity.

denturesWe are highly trained in fitting comfortable, natural-looking, affordable dentures that complement your individual facial structure. At Northern Colorado Dental Care we know that properly fitted dentures can restore your dental health and also help you look younger, feel more confident, improve your speech and regain the pleasure of eating the foods you love. When it comes to fully functional denture appliances and dental bridges, we take utmost care in fitting our patients with the most appropriate appliance for their tooth restoration.

I recently went through some major medical treatments that had a very negative impact on my overall dental health. I was faced with the fact that my teeth were disintegrating faster than Dr. Brown and his staff could repair them. Dentures were the ultimate answer. I was initially in shock and terrified of undertaking such a permanent process. Now, a mere 10 days after my oral surgery, that involved complete extraction, I can smile again with confidence. I am in a professional position that includes significant client interaction and I was terrified that the dentures would be extremely obvious to those with whom I have previously interacted. When I went in for my surgical consult, a week before the procedure, they already had my dentures! I couldn’t believe it; the dentures looked just like my real teeth, only a little whiter and without the disfiguring decay.

The surgery went well and yes, it was a pretty uncomfortable week post-surgery, but I was amazed at how quickly the healing started. The entire experience was as positive as such an experience can be and I would strongly recommend Dr. Brown to anyone looking for knowledgeable, effective, compassionate dental care.

I just can’t express the positive impact this is will have on my life. After years of being embarrassed and trying to hide my teeth from view, I can smile openly and stop worrying about the impression I am making. Thanks to Dr. Brown and the excellent staff at Northern Colorado Dental Care.

Sincerely, Kari B.