General Dentistry & Oral Health Care Dentist in Greeley CO

General dentists are considered as the primary dental care provider for oral health for the entire family.

General dentistry involves providing preventive care and routine maintenance to teeth and gums as well as providing corrective and restorative services as needed. At Northern Colorado Dental Care, we subscribe to some foundational principles when it comes to proper dental care for you and your family.

  • Efficiency: Your time and your resources are valuable and we know it.
  • Comfort: Our dental chairs and the dentist office environment are more comfortable and pleasant than ever.
  • Collaboration: We help you make decisions for your dental health in a positive and informed way.
  • Predictability: Predictable treatment, effective prevention methods, and the longevity of treatment are part of any good dental health strategy.
  • Thoroughness: Advances in evaluation and diagnosis enable us to make thorough assessments of your overall dental and oral health.
  • Prevention: We teach you proper flossing and brushing techniques and encourage regular dental check-ups.
  • Precision: New advancements in dentistry instrumentation and technologies help us make your dental visit comfortable and effective.

Primary Dentists

The goal of the primary dentist is to help family members be able to keep their original teeth as long as possible with good oral health habits, while providing the care, treatments, and education necessary to keep the entire mouth healthy.

general dentistent in Greeley CO

At Northern Colorado Dental Care, we provide preventive and routine care through recommended twice a year checkups combined with professional dental cleanings and x-rays. Our skilled team also provides patient education, fluoride treatments, application of sealants, and other preventive options as necessary. In addition to caring for teeth, we also provide care for gums and perform regular checks for other issues that may affect not only the patient’s mouth, but also their overall health.

Your Greeley Dentist

As a general dentist in Greeley, Dr. Mark Brown also performs corrective and restorative procedures on teeth that may become decayed or damaged. Such procedures may include providing fillings, crowns, and root canals, as well as cosmetic procedures such as whitening, veneers, dental implants, and more.

A knowledgeable general dentist can provide many services for good oral health, including treatments of certain diseases and conditions, such as periodontal disease A good general dentist can provide a wide range of services and treatments necessary to maintain good oral health, and we at Northern Colorado Dental Care pride ourselves on providing expert dental care for the entire family.

Dear Dr. Brown and Claudia,Thank you for getting me in so quickly. I know you worked through part of your lunch hour to help me. I really appreciate it. My smile looks better than it has in years, thanks to your expertise. You are definitely the “A” Team!Sandy S.

General Dentistry & Oral Health Care Dentist in Greeley CO

General dentistry is just one of our main dental services within Northern Colorado Dental’s expert procedures. A general dentist specializes in procedures such as teeth cleanings, x-rays, fillings, plaque removal and more. It is important to see your dentist for cleanings at least twice yearly. This will prevent tooth decay and reduce plaque build up that can cause cavities to form. At Northern Colorado Dental Care in Greeley, CO we strive to maintain your comfort levels, as well as giving you options about the procedures to your mouth.

Part of being the best Dentist in Greeley, means that your satisfaction with your dental treatments is a top priority. Through educating you and our other patients we are able to give you comprehensive services that include keeping your smile bright and healthy!

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