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Implant Restoration GreeleyWhat is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the dental field that pertains to restoration of the proper function and appearance of the mouth and teeth for good oral health.

A good dentist will save a damaged tooth whenever possible through various corrective procedures. However, there are times when a tooth must be extracted. In those cases, the missing tooth can be replaced through other restorative options.

Dental inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlays are made with tooth-colored materials for improved appearance over traditional dental filling materials, such as amalgam fillings. These structures are placed within or onto the damaged tooth to repair and strengthen the tooth for improved functioning and appearance. An inlay is typically placed in the small opening left when decay is removed. An onlay is typically used over the tooth to cover a larger surface area, such as a crown, or to build up a cusp. Usually, two appointments are necessary for each of these procedures. At the first, Dr. Brown will prepare the affected teeth and place temporary materials. At the second appointment, the inlay or onlay will be checked for fit then securely attached to each affected tooth.

Dental options in restorative dentistry

Dr. Brown and his skilled dental team do everything possible to save the patient’s natural tooth. However, if damage is extensive, the tooth may need to be extracted. To preserve good oral health, bone density and jaw integrity, a dental implant may need to be placed. The term “implant” is often used to refer to the entire grouping of appliances necessary to create a new tooth. However, the implant is actually just the titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth’s root. An implant restoration refers to the replacement of the tooth structure, typically in the form of a crown, dental implant restoration greeley, cobridge, or denture. The implant restoration is attached to one or more abutments that are attached to the appropriate root implants. Once the implant root is placed, Dr. Brown will place the dental crown or bridge, restoring your smile and protecting bone health. This will help prevent any remaining teeth from shifting out of place, which may lead to other potential problems with oral health and chewing function. Because dental implants form a chemical and mechanical bond with your jawbone, they become a part of your natural oral structure, so much that the jawbone actually grows strong tissue into and around the implant, permanently anchoring it for full function and appearance.

Dental Implants

For those with teeth that are decayed or damaged, Dr. Brown can help determine the best corrective procedures to maintain proper tooth functioning and appearance. If a dental implant is necessary, he will make sure your implant restoration is functional and attractive.

“Doctor Brown,I love my new tooth! I can’t walk past a mirror without opening my mouth to admire it. You do a great job talking to teeth! Thank you so much!”


Implant Restoration – Dental Implants Greeley CO