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Many people experience anxiety when it comes to seeing the dentist.

Sedation Dentist GreeleyThis may prevent that person from receiving proper oral health care due to avoiding necessary dental work and preventive treatments, such as regular cleanings. Sedation dentistry provides a fear-free option to caring for teeth by helping to keep the patient calm and relaxed during restorative procedures and routine dental exams and maintenance.

Sedation Dentists

Using various options that can help patients remain calm is important in regards to many forms of denitsrty. These options allow Dr. Brown and his caring team to perform procedures in a fear-free environment so that the patient may keep up on good oral health for strong and healthy teeth. Whether the anxiety ranges from mild to severe, various medications can help the patient stay relaxed during all types of dental procedures – from a basic cleaning to more complex treatments. With the combination of modern anesthetics and new conscious sedation dentistry technology and techniques, many procedures only have minimal discomfort or are now entirely painless.

For those with mild to moderate fears, inhaled medications such as nitrous oxide are calming and provide some pain relief as well. The medication is easy to control and wears off fairly quickly, with the patient being allowed to drive afterward. There may not be much memory of the dental procedures.

Making Dentist Visits Easier

Those with more moderate fears may wish to be prescribed oral medications that can be taken prior to the appointment. Patients will need to be driven to and from the appointment as the effects of the medications can last longer than gas-based solutions, such as nitrous oxide. There will likely not be much memory of the appointment and the dental procedures performed. The patient will need to have another adult present to drive them home following the appointment.

Dental Sedation Options

At Northern Colorado Dental Care, we want our patients to experience maximum comfort and have their treatments with a relaxed attitude and less dental anxiety. If you struggle with intense fear or anxiety when it comes to dental visits, please let us know your concerns. Numerous studies show that talking about your fears can actually reduce pain levels.

Sedation dentistry offers various options for fear-free dental procedures, allowing those that have anxiety when visiting the dentist to keep up on proper oral health care for healthy teeth, which is so important for overall health and well-being.

Dear Dr. Brown and team,Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness with my root canal procedure yesterday.Everyone in your office is so friendly and upbeat. It made everything so much more comfortable. Thank you again and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all soon.

Paulie Z.

Professional and Expert Sedation Dentistry is What We Do

We know you have options when it comes to choosing your dentist. That is why we want your comfort to be first. Creating a pain free environment also helps us complete your routine dental procedures by keeping you calm and comfortable. This allows us more time to focus on your teeth and smile and creates satisfied dental patients who sit in our dentist chairs. Sedation dentistry is a great option for those that experience dental anxiety or those with lower pain thresholds. The dentist can be a scary pace, but it doesn’t have to be. Call Greeley, Colorado’s best sedation dentist today!