Finding a Dentist in Greeley Colorado is easy.

But,  how do you know you have found the right Dentist who can take care of your oral needs?

Finding a Dentists in Greeley


Hopefully, we can help you understand the differences between dental providers so you can feel confidant about your choice.

The first thing to consider is your Dentists specialty. Whether it is sedation dentistry or family dentistry, you have to ask yourself, what your needs are.

Here is a quick breakdown:

Does the Dentist have specialties in more advanced procedures should you need it or can they give you a good referral when things pop up like the need for crowns or cosmetic tooth restoration? If not, you may be searching for another Dentist taking away time from your busy schedule.

  • Sedation Dentistry – Do you foresee a need for sedation to alleviate pain for more in-depth procedures?

What is your pain tolerance and do you need a Dentist that can address your comfort level?

  • Denture Specialist – Do you know if you may need dentures down the road or need denture maintenance?

Dentures are a great way to give you a better smile if you are missing teeth, but without the right dentist you might not like the outcome.  In this case, be sure to find out if your Dentist has a mix of experience and ways to help you feel more comfortable while in the chair.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry – This can vary from teeth whitening procedures to improving the look of your smile using the latest dental techniques.

Do you anticipate the need for making your smile better? Keep this in mind, as some Dentist shy away from cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile.

  • Implant Restoration Dentistry – If you currently have implants that need work, you should probably have a Dentist who excels in this specialty of dentistry which seems obvious, but is not always the case.

Making the right choice about your dentist is an important one. At Northern Colorado Dental Care we are one of a few Dentists in Greeley, CO that specializes in many procedures, both common and rare, when many only have a couple specialties under their belt. Make your next appointment with us!